Woman says she was sent suspicious check worth thousands

EAST PRAIRIE, MO (KFVS) - An East Prairie woman says she was reportedly sent a suspicious check worth thousands.

LaNetta Thomas has an online business. She says a person earlier this week bought over $500

worth of merchandise. That person reportedly sent Thomas a check.

But when Thomas received the check, it was over $2,400. Immediately she knew something was wrong. According to Thomas, this person reportedly emailed her several times, and texted her as well.

Thomas was reportedly told by the person who sent allegedly sent the check to deposit the it, keep the original amount she was supposed to get, and send back the rest via Western Union. She didn't though. Thomas knew something wasn't right.

Thomas is warning others to be careful and be aware of incidents like this one. She says if you think something is not right, then call your local authorities.

Heartland News called and left a message with the person who allegedly sent the check. We have not received a call back.

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