Patient stress making doctors find new ways to approach treatment

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - How can you unravel the knots of stress? Doctors say it's at the root of so many patients' problems, some are changing the way they approach treatment.

Meanwhile people say they're learning new ways to manage it.

Doctors say people need to realize they must stop the stress snowball, because it isn't just going to go away.

"This is like such a bigger animal than that," Dr. Victoria Adjovu of Cape Primary Care, said.

With a touch of his hand, chiropractor Eric Becking can get an idea of how much pressure you're under.

"They come in and they have all these issues that they're finally doing something about, but they've had them for a long time," he said.

Dr. Becking often discovers the pain is related to some other stressor that may have nothing to do with what the patient thinks is to blame. He said to completely heal body and mind; he realized he had to change his approach.

"For me to just say I'll just do chiropractic and they're off, that's such a disservice," he said.

He encourages patients to make a plan to change their life: schedule, diet, job, whatever it takes.

"Every aspect, I want to help them whatever it is," he said.

J.P. Thompson agrees. For him, ending the pain and physical symptoms of stress came from realizing he was ultimately accountable if stress got the best of him.

"It can come and take over at a snap," he said.

So, he said he mentally turns his focus away from it to things as simple as connecting with a positive person.

"You have to take time to get with somebody who helps you connect to a more positive side," he said.

He said his appointments with Becking are maintenance to keep himself in check when he's not falling apart so that he never does.

"No one takes time to sharpen the ax," Thompson said. "I think it's very important that the stress is headed off as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, doctors at Cape Primary Care say you can rewind the path to hear attacks and stroke if you get a handle of life's pressures. Most doctors recommend talk therapy or counseling and in some cases medication.

For more information on stress and how to cope, you can click here for some tips.

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