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4/29/13 - Paperless Proof

Missouri State Senator Gary Romine of Farmington took a step this week to shepherd the rest of the state into the 21st century. Senator Romine sponsored, and his fellow Senators passed, Senate Bill 317- legislation that would allow drivers to produce proof of insurance electronically through their smart phones.

Senator Romine is helping plow new ground at the state level for going paperless, yet many will see this as unnecessary. Some of us like that tangible piece of paper. Some are concerned about losing control of personal information. Some believe this makes it easier to carry out a fraud. And those concerns, while valid, are concerns from those of us who are...well...older, who may be...uncomfortable with the technology.

What we all need to realize is that 16 year old getting their first license this week is younger than the smart phone itself. They have never known a world where they didn't have all the information they wanted and needed right at their fingertips-whenever and wherever they wanted it.

Senator Romine and his colleagues are not saying you must have a smart phone with your proof of insurance on it. They are simply saying, keeping it on your phone, is acceptable in this day and age. And many of us who came of age before the invention of Google, simply need to figure out how to accept it.

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