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YourTurn - 4/26/13

This week's YourTurn comes from Kim in Fredericktown who writes:

"Why do you only report "pit bull" attacks? I have never seen a report on another breed. Please, be unbiased and do not fuel narrow mindedness. My cousin works in an ER in St Louis and sees more bites and "attacks" by other breeds. She, along with her colleagues, agree that the majority comes from small breeds. As a matter of fact, my husband was bitten twice by a daschund! I have a personal stake in this, as I was attacked as a young girl by a German Shepard. I do not blame that breed, I blame the mean and ignorant people who raised him to be that way. I also partly blame my parents for not keeping the dog away from our yard, knowing his demeanor. I hope you will step up and find a way to present all stories, not just the ones you can sensationalize."

Kim, thanks for your comments. Folks, let us know what you think by writing us here at the station.

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