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Daughter of woman found in Ohio River speaks out


Sandra Farris' daughter wants to know more about what happened during her mother's walk in Cairo back on March 28.

She believes someone is responsible for her mother's death, now Shanna Farris is calling on authorities to find out who.

"I love you and I miss you and I wish I could see you again, I hate this," said Farris.

It was news Shanna Farris didn't want to hear. Wednesday she learned barge workers found her mother's body near Owens Island.

"I'm glad she is not in the river any more and that she can rest in peace, and that maybe we have some kind of closure," said Farris. "But God, it's horrible."

Added to the grief is frustration for the family. They feel that Sandra Farris's disappearance doesn't make sense.

"I think somebody murdered her," said Farris. "You don't just go for a walk and them somebody find your body in the Ohio River by Paducah."

On March 28, Sandra Farris told family she was going for a walk. A few hours later they got worried, then afraid.

"Right before she went missing she had a dream she was murdered," said Farris. "I have an idea I know who did this but I cant prove it. They're evil."

Search teams spent countless hours looking for Farris. Family members say they tried to express their fears to police autopsy results showed no signs of foul play but Farris' only child thinks differently.

"I mean there's foul play behind it," said Farris. "There is no doubt in my mind about that."

Shanna Farris says she wants everybody to know how much her mother will be missed. Family remember a woman they say was funny, beautiful and loving.

"We were very close," said Farris. "She always spent a lot of time with me. She was a good person."

Farris says she won't have real closure until questions about her mother's death are answered.

"I'm gonna keep fighting for that because she deserves that," said Farris. "She deserves justice for this."

On the phone this afternoon, Cairo's police chief told Heartland News whether or not they are investigation is a secret, and he quickly ended the conversation.

Meanwhile, Farris' family plans her funeral and says they can't express how much she is missed.

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