Online sales tax could hurt businesses; customers

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS (KFVS) - Next time you buy something online, you may have to pay more.

That's because you may be forced to pay sales tax.

It's how many businesses in our region stock the shelves of their shops.

But a bill that would give states the power to require out of state retailers to collect online sales tax could result in major price hikes for many business owners and their customers.

Find an item you like.

Click check out.

Enter you're information.

It's as simple as that.

But those prices you see now could change.

"It is very frustrating as a small business because you look, every which way you look there is taxes and some kind of fees," says Melise, the owner of Melise's Consignment boutique.

Which is exactly how smith selects items for her store in Marion.

She shops for items online-and they are delivered right to her door.

But she says it's scary to think that she could possibly pay more for her favorite things.

"It always seems like there is obstacles every year for every kind of thing," she says.

While she wants to keep her competitive prices

"I've had other that have the same item for eighty dollars and we may have it for forty five dollars, but you have to shop on the Internet to get those kinds of prices," says Smith.

The more she has to pay for things, the more she is going to have to find a way to balance her spending.

"I'm going to have to increase my prices with the taxes," she says.

But it won't be just small businesses taking beating, customers will have to pay up too.

Some shopper's say- that won't keep them offline.

"It probably wouldn't affect me because the styles that I like can only be found online, most retail stores don't have what I like in stock," says online shopper, Megan Hughes.

"Living in southern Illinois there is not that many options compared to living next to St.Louis," she says.

This is exactly the reason smith wont stop either.

"It is going to be interesting to see the different fees or higher prices," says Smith.

On Monday the senate voted 74 to 20 to send the act to the floor for a final passage.

The house would then vote on it.

President Obama has already said he will sign it if it gets to the white house.

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