Thursday morning online trends 4/25

(KFVS) - Here's a preview of what online trends you need to know about for Thursday.

Obviously, no one enjoys getting a parking ticket, but most of us just pay them and move on with our lives.

However, MSN Now is featuring a story of a man from the United Kingdom who refused to pay for his ticket, but ended up getting more than be bargained for.

The man allegedly ranted, cursed and threw the ticket on the ground saying he wouldn't pay the $45 fine.

But now, the man will be paying that and then some.

After court fees and months of late penalties as well as an additional fine for throwing the ticket on the ground, the man will end up paying nearly $1,300.

A video is causing quite a stir this morning online.

It's a virtual tour of a ride on a 14-foot bicycle!

A man in California created the bike and shot video from the top so we could all see what it's like without actually having to do it.

Check out footage from the crazy tall bike below!

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