Cairo in third phase of revitalization project

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Crews are tearing down history in hopes of building up a better tomorrow. It is a step toward cleaning up Cairo.

The city just started the third phase of its revitalization project.

That includes demolishing more than 60 buildings.

On the list are mostly homes, but some businesses, as well.

On 8th Street, there is the old flower shop in the heart of downtown.

Also the old chamber of commerce building, and what's known as the O'Shea building, just to name a few.

The mayor says history will not be forgotten, but it is time to move forward.

"There is definitely a need so to give people an opportunity to create a new district," said Cairo Mayor Tyrone Coleman.

"Anytime progress can be made, and progress is being made, this will impact on a positive note people, not only in Cairo, but for the tri-state area," said Charles Althoff, Cairo resident.

There is also work throughout the town that is not part of project.

The revitalization project is paid for through a grant. There's is still another phase to go in bringing new life to Cairo.

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