Sikeston man's dream helps non-profits achieve their goals

A new site is connecting local non-profits with people who want to fund their specific projects.

The site is based on the new crowd funding craze and it's the dream of a 24-year-old from Sikeston, hoping to help you pay it forward.

Chris Carnell is the creator of Nthfluence, a crowd-funding website that connects multiple non-profit organizations with the people who want to donate to a specific project for a specific cause.

"We hope his can help people connect with perfect donors and it will also help people find projects they are interested in," said Carnell.

Carnell worked with faculty at Southeast Missouri State University as an entrepreneurship major to develop the site. He said this dream has always been to help others accomplish theirs.

He has projects going just weeks after the launch, including the Red Cross. They hope to introduce Ernie the Erv to kids in Southeast Missouri to help them understand and prepare for disasters. He's an expensive guy, $8,000, but Sara Gerau hopes with the help of Nthfluence they can raise the money to buy him.

"This would be great to teach kids more about disasters. It's something they can relate to, and we think an audience online is the perfect way to reach people," said Gerau.

Other groups such as the Sikeston Humane Society and Laundry Baskets Full of Love have signed on. The fee is 5 percent what you raise, if you don't see results neither does he.

Carnell said it's not about making money. He said his parents raised him to appreciate the value of getting rich in spirit, not in gold.

"I get to have a job where I go to work to help people," said Carnell. "It's perfect for me."

As for the Red Cross, they feel this is the perfect partnership for Southeast Missouri to prove their strength in numbers.

For more information about Nthfluence, you can click here to visit them online.

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