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4/19/13 - Don't Let Them Win

Who would have thought when we started this week that by Monday afternoon, our collective attention would be focused on a bombing in Boston. April 15 has always been known as tax day. In Boston it has also been celebrated as Patriots Day, but from now on it will be known as the day the bombs went off.

Watching the events unfold here at the station that day was eerily reminiscent of September 11th, 2001. One of my coworkers mentioned they were off to a large regional track meet this weekend and wondered about their safety. As we all watched and waited...we feared the next attack...waiting for the next bomb to go off.

Folks, we all know the world we live in now. Body scans and metal detectors have become a way of life. The Boston bombings are another reminder of how vulnerable we are, but we cannot let these bombings, or any terrorist action leave us fearful to experience the American way of life. We should mourn when an eight year old-who just congratulated his dad for completing the race-is killed and his mom and sister maimed, it is beyond the crushing of innocence. But we also must celebrate the cowboy-the veteran-who upon seeing the bombs go off, ran toward the danger, and saved a victim's life.

Lifting us up through the madness are the countless people who heroically led the rescue efforts. We can retreat. We can cower and pull back, but that will only signal victory for the lunatics. We must continue to celebrate traditions, live openly, and persevere. That is the best way to honor those suffering.

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