Hearted conceal carry debate in the Illinois house

Rep. Mike Bost
Rep. Mike Bost
Rep. Scott Drury
Rep. Scott Drury

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS (KVFS) - There were heated words Wednesday inside the Illinois house chamber concerning guns.

The discussion was about conceal carry in Illinois.

"You know there has been a lot of talk in this room about the constitution and what is constitutional. but the last time I looked around there is not one single constitutional scholar sitting in this chamber," said Representative Scott Drury during Wednesdays discussion over House Bill 0831

The discussion was about whether to use "may issue" a concealed carry permit instead of "shall issue."

It's something Bost and many other house members are against.

"So why don't we stop all the nonsense about what's constitutional and what's not constitutional," said Drury. "This nonsense and two-facedness from the other side of the aisle."

"I became upset when he was trying to say it was our side of the aisle, when actually and rightfully so, it was Brandon Phelps from the other side of the isle who had said this," said Bost. "So,  I started screaming and I had not been recognized, and I continued to scream to get their attention."

The tension began to subside, but not before representative Drury had his say.

"We don't want someone like that carrying a concealed weapon," said Drury.

It ignited pro-gun activists on both sides of isle.

"Then both sides of the isle that are in support of the second amendment rose to my defense and started screaming and yelling and trying to deal with this," said Bost.  "And then what ended up happening as the debate went on, and the debate went on and the bill failed."

Both sides later apologized.

As for the concealed carry debate, the deadline to create a bill is June 9.

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