Thursday morning online trends 4/18

(KFVS) - The Internet is buzzing this Thursday morning with trending topics. Here's a couple of interesting ones you'll want to know about.

Yahoo News is reporting that certain party favors given out at Jessica Simpson's baby show are creating quite the buzz.

According to the woman in charge of planning the shower, as guests left they were invited to grab some party favors.

Many of the favors were what most would consider normal including lip gloss and nail polish.

Also among the items? Contraceptives.

That's right, condoms were also given out as party favors.

Reportedly, this baby was a surprise for Jessica and her husband so they wanted others to be prepared.

Of course we all know that cats usually go over really big on the web, whether in the form of pictures, videos or sound bites.

But a particular cat video on YouTube has been getting lots of attention because it's especially funny.

A cat plays a song on the piano that seems to go perfectly with a soap opera.

The video shows the cat playing while also showing a dramatic clip from a soap opera.

It's definitely worth a watch, even if you're not a cat fan. Check it out below!

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