Millions scramble to protect information after bank cards compromised

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The fallout from bank cards information being stolen at Schnuck's stores across the nation continues to affect people.

And now some of those affected are right here in the Heartland, and work here at Heartland News.

On Wednesday, Arnold Wyrick's bank notified him that his debit card was one of the ones compromised from shopping at the Schnuck's store in Carbondale.

So I spent the afternoon going over his account with the Assistant Vice President of The First Bank and Trust Company of Murphysboro Angel Hunziker.

One of the first things I asked Angel was if there was any of my personal information embedded in the magnetic strip on my card.

"There's no personal information or anything like that, the card is only linked to your checking account," Hunziker said.

She also assured me that the people who stole my information couldn't use it to get a loan, or open any other accounts.

But, she did tell me they could use it in many other ways.

"After they got the numbers on the cards they can go on the Internet, order something, put your card number in and your money's going to be taken out."

Hunziker also told me that I will have to keep a close eye on my account for the next several months to ensure that nothing is being purchased with my information.

"People with the machine device that they have connected to the terminal, they can make extra cards off that information. And they can go use that card as the same card you had, and use it at stores too," said Hunziker.

The bank has closed my account at this time, and I was instructed to destroy my old card and throw it away.

My bank is going to reissue me a new card in about a week.