First aid in emergency situations

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Emergency responders got help to victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, but so did everyday heroes. Would you know what to do?

"Everybody just started running, it was chaotic," said Ron Rosati, one of the Boston Marathon runners from Cape Girardeau.

We've heard from a few of the runners who were at the Boston Marathon during the bombings, but what if we were there? Would you know how to help any of the injured?

"A skilled, a trained lay person could be of assistance," said Beth Seabaugh with the American Red Cross.

Seabaugh said a first aid kit and training can be more than just helpful in an emergency situation.

She said it doesn't have to be a massive tragedy like in Boston to put the skills to use.

"Just having those basic skills whether it be just having a scraped knee or a broken arm," said Seabaugh.

Whether you're in Boston or the Heartland, first aid can come into play.

"It's very important," said Seabaugh. "I'm a mom. I've got two girls and just this weekend my youngest one got hit with a softball."

Through the Red Cross, you can get a first aid kit. Basic ones are about $10 and range up to a full emergency preparedness bag.

"Injuries happen everywhere and everyday whether it's something traumatic or something minor," said Seabaugh. "It could be a bee sting, it could be a scraped knee, it could be a broken arm-just having that peace of mind that training gives you in those situations makes you feel better.

The Red Cross offers first aid classes for the young and old. Seabaugh said they certify people for two years, then require brush up classes to stay up on the latest techniques.

She said it's a class she hopes the students never have to put the learned skills to use.

"Just having that peace of mind so when an emergency does come up, you feel confident in the skills that you have," said Seabaugh.

You can find more information on the classes in the Heartland at the Red Cross website here.

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