All 5 Cape Girardeau runners at Boston Marathon accounted for

BOSTON (KFVS) - All five runners from the Cape Girardeau area who ran in the Boston Marathon have been accounted for.

Two explosions happened near the finish line of the Boston Marathon at about 2:45 p.m. ET Monday, nearly three hours after the first of the event's winners crossed. At least two people have died, police told CNN. Police reported at least 22 more have been injured.

Joe Windeknecht from Cape Girardeau finished the Boston Marathon earlier today. Windeknecht was a few blocks away from the finish line when he heard the explosion go off.

"They rushed us all out of there," Windeknecht said. "They told us we had to leave. There were about a thousand cops in the area."

The Boston Marathon says that bombs caused the two explosions heard at the finish line and that organizers were working with authorities to determine what happened.

Organizers made the announcement on the groups' Facebook page on Monday.

Authorities have headed onto the course to carry away the injured while stragglers in the 26.2-mile race were rerouted away from the site.

Ron Rosanti crossed the finish line and then seconds later heard the first explosion.

"It looked like a cannon and I looked over and saw the big plume of smoke," Rosanti said. "Then, seconds later, the second one went off."

While some people were still wondering if their loved ones were okay, Ron Rosati's wife was at home in Cape Girardeau and got a text from him, but didn't know what he was talking about.

"When I saw that he had finished, but before the news of the blasts came up, I sent him a text asking if he was okay, yes I'm okay, just finished, no bomb damage, I thought it was auto correct saying no bone damage, but it put bomb in for some reason, but then I flipped on the TV and saw the coverage and I was just kind of shocked," said Rosati.

She said people kept asking all day how her husband was doing.

"I was in my room, I had the TV on, I had my computer on, I was on Facebook and I had my phone texting and I was trying to relay the messages, we had a pretty good network, of sharing information because everybody was worried and everybody was wondering what was going on," said Rosati. "Of our little group Ron was the last one to finish so we knew that the other ones had already made it through safely, and he was the last one through and then gladly it was before the explosions."

Now she said she just wants him to come home.

"He's always been really good about trying to relieve my fears, and making me feel comfortable so there's always a little bit of element there saying I'm getting these texts saying he's okay, is he really okay, but when I was finally able to talk to him on the phone and he was already back at the hotel and already talking about running the next marathon or coming back and doing it again, then when I heard his voice I felt a lot of relief and okay, now get home," said Rosati.

Rosati said this is her husband's 4th marathon, but first time running the Boston Marathon. She said he's already talking about running it again next year.

Bryan Kelpe with Missouri Running Company said he's happy the five runners from the Cape Girardeau area are all okay.

He said people were asking about the runners all day.

"There's been a lot of phone calls, a lot of Facebook messages, you know a lot of trying to find out what's going on out there being on the other side, half way across the country, and not knowing the full story, so yeah definitely getting a lot of phone calls and messages," said Kelpe.

He said he still can't believe this happened at such a big running event.

"It's one of the bigger running event days every year, I look forward to it, it's I guess the super bowl of running, so it's unimaginable that something like this could happen at such a historic event," said Kelpe.

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