Monday morning online trends 4/15

(KFVS) - The Internet has a lot happening on this Monday morning. Here's a look at a couple of trending topics.

Something that's been big on Yahoo's sports page since Saturday is the story of some Los Angeles Dodgers fans who were given what some may consider an unfair ultimatum.

The fans had purchased expensive box seats behind home plate at an Arizona Diamondbacks home game against the Dodgers.

When spotted in their Dodgers gear, Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick reportedly "forced" the fans to either change clothes or find different seats.

The fans choose to change into Diamondback attire, provided by the organization, in order to keep their seats.

The official statement from the Diamondbacks regarding the incident as printed on the Yahoo Sports page read as follows:

Due to the high visibility of the home plate box, we ask opposing team's fans when they purchase those seats to refrain from wearing that team's colors. During last night's game, when Ken Kendrick noticed the fans there, he offered them another suite if they preferred to remain in their Dodger gear. When they chose to stay, he bought them all D-backs gear and a round of drinks and requested that they abide by our policy and they obliged.

Click here for the full story.

A video prank from YouTube is creating some waves on Monday morning.

A man pretends to pee on another guy's Ferrari and, as you may expect, that doesn't turn out too well for the prankster.

But how protective the owner of the car is may surprise you.

Check out the funny footage below.

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