New repairs done to Butler County Jail after escape

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - According to Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs, about $15,000 dollars has been spent on repairs to the Butler County Jail.

Dobbs says that several ceilings that were made with drywall, were upgraded with steel. He says as more money becomes available, more repairs will be made.

Repairs started the day after Rodney Joe Green, Matthew Cook and Kade Stringfellow were caught after escaping the jail in March. 

"I remember back to my days when I was just a road officer looking at some of the construction and said is that really escape proof?  said Dobbs. "They assured us at the time that it was." 

But since that was proven wrong by the three inmates, Sheriff Mark Dobbs went to the blueprints for answers. 

"There are some design issues that will make you scratch your head," said Dobbs. "But for the most part the most contributing factor in this escape was no doubt construction oversight, materials that weren't included." 

Three inmates climbed through a hole and proceeded to fall out the ceiling in the lobby in March.

Now, the drywall has been replaced with a sheet of medal welded to the ceiling. 

"I think we are about 85-percent of the way to where we needed to be," said Dobbs. 

As for the other 15-percent, Dobbs says everything is an immediate need. 

Dobbs says more meetings with the county commission are planned. They want to see what has been done and what needs to happen next.

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