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4/12/13 - Distracted Driving

Most of you will recognize this image of an iphone (see photo). Those of you that text are familiar with the format even more. What you may not realize...these are the last thoughts of a dying young man.

22 year old Alexander Heit died in a single car rollover accident earlier this month. His iphone, still opened to the text conversation...still waiting for him to hit "send," was found in the wreckage. Witnesses said Alexander had his head down, drifted into the oncoming lane, overcorrected, and flipped his vehicle.

His parents want everyone to see what cost Alexander his life. Texting and driving is a problem. We should all realize that by now. But, according to a recent survey by AT&T and published in USA TODAY, almost half of all adults admit to texting while driving. That's compared to 43% of teenagers. And folks, here is the shocking statistic: more than 98% of the adults admitted they knew it was wrong and still did it anyway.

Texting In Traffic: Adults Worse Than Teens

Commuter Confessions: Do You Text And Drive?
--USA TODAY - 3/28/2013

Distracted driving has become a big problem in a short amount of time-6 out of 10 people say they weren't texting while driving just three years ago. This study is alarming to say the least. Alexander Heit's parents are doing their best to set the right example at a very difficult time. The rest of us should follow their lead. Mom and dad's – if there was ever a time to lead by example by putting down the phone, this would be it. Do yourself and those around you on the highway a favor and delay the retrieval and response to emails and texts while driving. Your life and those lives around you depend on it.

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