Line Chaserz: "Does It Work?"

This time every year, we like to feature a couple of new toys on our "Does it Work?" report. The Line Chaserz are not real expensive and offer up that kind of endless fun we all liked as kids. But first, the Line Chaserz must pass the "Does It Work?" test.

The box says, "You draw the track, Line Chaserz will follow." Inside, you get the car, an erasable marker, eraser, a street-scene mat and a bunch of props for the car to drive around. On the underside of the car, two red lights. The makers say they are "patented optical sensors."

We pop in two AAA batteries and we're ready to draw our line. We take the erasable marker and draw a continuous, but intersecting line around and across the cityscape mat.

When we first put the car on the line, it just ignored it and ran off the mat. Later, we learned by reviewing the instructions, our line wasn't thick enough. We retraced our line and tried again. It did much better this time, but had a little trouble deciding which way to go when the line intersected.

We got it to work perfectly a few times, but the longer it went, the more trouble the Line Chaser had staying on course. We noticed the erasable line was getting worn off a little, giving the car less line, to follow.

We had lots of fun with this toy, but "Does It Work?" It definitely has merit, but because it's a bit quirky, the best we can give it is a "maybe."

We bought Line Chaserz at CVS for $14.99. It's also available at Walgreens.

They come in a variety of models including a fire engine, a space rover and a jeep.

Joe Terrell, reporting.

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