Digi-Draw: "Does It Work?"

Digi-Draw: "Does It Work?"

Got a neice or nephew you still need to buy a present for?  This week's "Does It Work?" product may be just the thing.   It promises hours of fun. It's called the Digi-Draw. But it still needs to pass the "Does It Work?" test.

The Digi-Draw promises success on all kinds of projects and comes packed with lots of extras like pens, pencils, markers, and pictures to trace. We'll test its basic claim... the ability to trace anything through the science of reflection.

It's made for children 5 and up and Hayden is 5 years old and eager to help us test it out. When it's all put together, it looks kind of like a giant dragonfly. It's basically an open notebook with two pieces of reflective Plexiglass that hinge up at 45 degree angles from the drawing surface. There are no batteries or light bulbs to install.

We're tracing 3 pictures... Dora the Explorer, Arthur and a picture of Mark Scirto.

Dora was by far the most complex of the 3. Hayden worked on it for about 20 minutes and wasn't satisfied with his drawing. About halfway into the process, he complained that his eyes were bothering him. And it's understandable. There is not reflection on the paper. The reflection is on one of the pieces of Plexiglass. You look at the reflection on the plastic and draw on the blank paper below.

Later, on the Arthur drawing, Hayden got the hang of it. He ended up with a great drawing that looked a lot like the original, although, keep in mind it's a mirror image.

The Mark Scirto drawing worked out o.k. Hayden liked his work on the Arthur picture best.

We asked him, "Does It Work?" Despite some trouble early on, Hayden gave it a "yes."

We paid 20 dollars for the Digi-Draw at Walgreen's. You can also find it online.

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