Hazmat crews clean up hazardous material leak

(Source: McCracken County SO)
(Source: McCracken County SO)

WEST PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - Emergency crews responded to an injury wreck and hazardous chemical spill on Thursday in McCracken County.

It happened on Cairo Road (KY 305) at the intersection of Ogden Landing Road (KY 358) at around 1:30 PM.

Dispatchers were reporting a large amount of smoke coming from a trailer which was later determined to be a hazardous materials leak from an anhydrous ammonia tank.

The tank was being pulled by a truck that was involved in the wreck.

Crash investigators say a 2001 Ford F-350 driven by Mr. Laverne L. Schulte, 62, of Simpson, Illinois, was headed westbound on Cairo Road.  Schulte was pulling two 1000 gallon agricultural tanks containing anhydrous ammonia that were being delivered to a local farmer in West Paducah.

Police say Schulte is an employee of Southern Farm Supply in Marion.

When Schulte was passing the intersection of Ogden Landing Road, a 1991 Chevrolet flatbed pickup truck with a utility trailer failed to stop at the intersection, according to investigators.

The truck's driver, 24 year old, Jason Wingler, 24, of Symsonia, Ky., was driving eastbound on Ogden Landing Road prior to the accident.

After reaching the intersection, police say Wingler failed to stop at the stop sign and then collided with Schulte's truck and trailers.

Police say the collision caused the tanks to break free of Schulte's truck and overturn.  A pressure relief valve was damaged in the crash, which caused the contents of the tank to release.

Concord fire crews responded to the scene and called for the Paducah area hazardous materials team, HazMat1.

Hazardous Materials technicians were sent to the site and found that the contents had to be removed from the tank before it could be up righted.

Residents who live on the eastern side of the spill within quarter mile had to be evacuated from their homes while the chemical was released.

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