Friday morning online trends 4/12

(KFVS) - Friday morning has been an interesting one in the Internet world. Here's a couple of stories that will have you talking today.

USA Today has something for all you American Idol fans out there.

It's an interactive chart that shows the progress made by the show's contestants starting at week one.

It's interesting because there's a lot of links to click that take you to each of the contestants' info page.

The pages show how many votes each one has had and how they've been doing compared to other contestants.

Click here to check out the interactive chart.

Yahoo has an update to a story that's been around for a while.

You may have heard about the woman who woke up after 5 years in a coma and immediately said she wanted to go to a Bob Seger concert.

Now she is going to get to do just that!

Seger's managers heard about the story and invited the woman to a concert and a special after party in her honor.

The woman is reportedly very excited and now her wish is to hug Bob Seger.

A YouTube video has been put together showcasing the woman and her progress. Check it out below.

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