Create a "Virtual" Body for Trying-on Online Clothes

Are you one of those people who would never buy clothes online, because -- after all -- how can you try it on?  Believe it or not, computer geeks have come up with a way. A lot of people don't even like buying clothes in stores, because they hate to have to try it on.   Well, there's a solution that takes care of that concern too, and in the process, you end up with a virtual 3-D model of you.  Browsing the clothing racks is easy, but getting the right fit, that's another story, and when you shop online you can't even do that.  With the right software..a 3-D image of your body can appear on a computer screen, so you can virtually try on clothes. West Point used a scanner to fit cadets with uniforms. And retailer Lands End is using it.   First, you step into a box set up at the mall or a store and get scanned.  "There's a French scanner, there's a German scanner, there's a Japanese.  Around the world, people are trying to solve the same issue because fit is a major problem in the clothing industry," says Mike Fralix of Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation. Fralix's company developed  a mobile scanner that travels the Northeastern U.S. And Canada for Lands End, a competitive scanner by Eastman takes an image in a flash, and is available mostly in Europe. The technology is nothing new, just improved. With special software you can use that body scan, or just type in your dimensions. To create a 3-D image of yourself on your computer, then try on clothes. You can even adjust the skin and hair color.  This system -- available mostly in Europe -- is called Browzewear. And different system is available at As for security, Lands End keeps your virtual model at their site, so it knows your measurements, but only makes them available with a  password. Competitor Browzewear's image on the other hand, lives on your PC's hard drive. Its software also features a fit indicator. Considering only about five percent of clothes are purchased through catalogues or online, Some analysts don't expect 3-D technology to radically change the way we buy we clothes. As the technology improves, future generations may forgoe those drafty fitting rooms, and stay at home with their computer.  You can check out that virtual 3-D model technology by logging onto, and of course, that link is on our website: