Jackson junior pulls off sticky note prom proposal

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - How many times would you ask a girl to go to prom? How about 2,400 times?

It took some teamwork and strategy, but that's easy for Jackson baseball player Kody Kingree.

Kingree recruited his friends and teammates to pen thousands of sticky notes. It was all to ask Makenna Lambert to be his special date.

"We used about 2,400 sticky notes," said Kingree, still in disbelief. "We didn't think it would take that many!"

But Kingree says even if it took 1,000 more, he'd do whatever it took to take Makenna to prom.

"She told me to do something cute to ask her," said Kingree. "I mean I haven't met her parents before this and I was asking to come into their house and get their help with the surprise. So I wanted to make a good impression and hopefully that shows the kind guy I'm going be," said Kingree.

At first he was stressed about how to pull it off.

"I talked to my friends and her friends about it and we decided to go look in the craft section," said Kingree.

The Jackson High School Junior discovered the answer to his sticky situation at Wal-Mart: Post-it notes offering hundreds of ways to pen his prom proposal.

"It was kind of hard to get them stuck," said Kingree.

Kody recruited friends to write 'Prom?' on every one. Then he convinced Makenna's family to help him get her out of the house long enough to cover nearly every square inch of her room with Post-Its. Makenna's mom, sister and grandmother helped. It took them several hours.

"I said yes - you can't say no to this," said Makenna Lambert. "He just went through so much trouble. It was so much more special than just asking or a text message. I'm glad everybody kept it a secret and didn't spoil the surprise."

"I think it impressed her I'm not gonna lie," laughed Kingree.

Mom Lori Lambert says it appears Kingree is a true gentleman.

She says no matter how you pull it off, you have to treat a girl like a lady, especially her little girl.

"Who does this?," Lori Lambert said while standing surrounded by Post-Its in her daughter's room. "I think it's exciting to see chivalry is back and guys will still do things to make a girl feel special," said Lori.

Makenna framed one of the notes with Kody's invitation as a special reminder. "It's really special," she said.

Now Kingree only has two problems. First, he has one more person to impress. "I still have to ask her dad," Kingree said.

Second, he says he realizes he may have outdone himself – now he must figure out how he'll go above and beyond this prom proposal.

"I kind of set the bar high," he laughed. "I'm going to have to do some research to try and top it."

Jackson's prom is May 4th. As for Kingree, we can't wait to see what he comes up with his Senior year. Meanwhile, the Lambert family tells us it looks like dad approves, as long as Kody can present a plan to get Makenna home safe.

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