Tuesday morning online trends 4/09

(KFVS) - The Internet is buzzing Tuesday morning with some interesting trends and here's a couple of things you'll want to know about.

A YouTube video caught my eye this morning.

Are you feeling lonely but don't want to deal with all those pesky emotions and the human interaction of a real relationship?

Well never fear! The "Girlfriend Coat" is here.

It has retractable arms that squeeze you from behind and also includes headphones that whisper things in your ear.

A few guys from Japan say they came up with this idea so that everyone could know what it's like to have a hug from a girlfriend.

Check out the girlfriend coat in action in the YouTube video below.

Here's one from the Daily Mail.

A girl in Europe sent out hundreds of invites to friends for a party while her parents weren't home and ended up causing more than $5,000 worth of damage to the home.

Adding insult to injury, after wrecking the place, the girl took to Twitter making jokes about the damage.

Of course, her parents were less than amused.

Check out pictures of the damage by clicking here.

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