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4/8/13 - Abusive Coaches

This year's NCAA tournament has provided us with some remarkable stories. Florida Gulf Coast's Dunk City…Wichita State making it to the Final Four… Louisville's Kevin Ware…Every year the madness seems to be kicked up a notch. Most of us revel in the successes we see on the game court, yet fail to see abuses sometimes carried out on the practice court. They happen.

Far too often a coach gets too full of himself and takes it out on the players; impressionable young men and women left with the wrong impression. I think nearly everyone must be aware that video confirmation of such abuses at Rutgers came to light recently and the conduct captured on the video cost the head coach his job. By failing to adequately handle the problem, the Rutgers Athletic Director lost his job as well-as he should have.

While coaches sometimes need to be tough to motivate their team, they don't need to be bullies. We should place their conduct above their win-loss record. It doesn't matter if it is little league, junior high, or college ball, we all need to pay attention to the actions of the coaches in our lives and in the lives of our kids. A coach has a responsibility to teach, to mentor, to lead by example. If they cannot, they shouldn't coach.

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