SIU coach reacts to Rutgers coach being fired

SIUs Hinson reacts to news of Rutgers' coach being fired.
SIUs Hinson reacts to news of Rutgers' coach being fired.

Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice is out of a job after video surfaced of his aggressive behavior during team practice sessions.

What's the difference between being stern with players and abuse?

Both SIU Athletic Director Mario Mocha and men's basketball Coach Barry Hinson agree times have changed.

But what took place at Rutgers has never and will never be acceptable to them.

Mocha says the university is constantly trying to help coaches with the changing student-athlete.

What worked 20 years ago doesn't work anymore.

He says kids are more visual and as he says, "evolved."

Coach Hinson is well aware of that.

He says times have changed when he was in school, the paddle and belt are gone.

However, that doesn't change his overall approach.

Coach Hinson says doesn't see anything wrong with a little contact with players. The difference for him is how it's done.

If it's meant to teach and develop the player, then there's no problem.

But, if it's out of anger, he says it should be not allowed.

Rice said he vowed to change after he first saw the video three months ago, and he thinks he's "accomplished a lot of that."

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