Kennett police: 'Lights on, Crime Off'

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - The Kennett Police Department, in partnership with City Light, Gas and Water, has embarked on a new campaign called 'Lights On, Crime Off'.

Police say when you turn the lights on criminals are deterred which helps to make the city safer.

Police are asking that the citizens of Kennett help locate street lights that are not working properly. To report an outage, please contact City Light, Gas and Water at (573) 888-5366, or on the CLGW web site at

Please be sure to note the address and pole number, if possible, and CLGW crews will ensure the timely repair of the street light.

You can help show your support to reduce crime by turning the lights on outside your home.

The Kennett Police Department says they will continue to take proactive steps to prevent crime in our city by working with individuals, businesses and organizations and we thank the citizens of Kennett for their continual support.

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