Senior student seeking seat on school board

Zachary Hiller, 18, is a Senior at Zeigler-Royalton High School.
Zachary Hiller, 18, is a Senior at Zeigler-Royalton High School.

ROYALTON, IL (KFVS) - A Franklin County teenager is tossing his hat into the political ring, for a seat on his school district's school board.

Zachary Hiller is a Senior at Zeigler-Royalton High School. And the 18-year-old is now wanting to make things better for future students in the school district.

So he decided to run for a seat on the school board during the upcoming General Elections on April 9th.

"We just laid off some teachers, and I think that's going to hurt students. You cut the teachers, you're going to cut classes," said Zachary Hiller. " That would be extra-curricular classes like band, music and even sports are going to get cut. Because you don't have as many teachers to fill those positions as coaches. So I would try to keep as many extra-curricular activities as I can to give as many opportunities as I can to students."

Just one week before election day and Zachary spent the afternoon pounding the streets in Royalton, with his sister and a couple classmates.

He wanted to get out and knock on some doors, shake a few hands and hopefully drum up some votes.

"I think it's pretty awesome that we're going to have a student on the school board actually because we'll have a voice for us," said Nick McPhail.

Hiller is hoping that his perspective as a student, if he is elected that he can make things better for students in the future.

"He just wants to get into that routine where he can help us and other students," said Bailey Schimpf.

Hiller says sitting on some of the consolidation meetings recently opened his eyes to why it's so important to get involved in his school and community.

"I just thought it would be a neat thing to do. And it would be a good experience. I feel like I really can make a difference," said Hiller.

Hiller's family is supporting him in his campaigning. And they say they almost didn't believe Hiller when he told them what he wanted to do.

"At first I was like are you kidding me," said Laryssa Hiller. "But then after I went to school, I could tell he was actually serious about it. And I really do think it's going to be a great thing for him to do."

Hiller says win or loss next Tuesday, he will continue his studies at Rend Lake College, in Radiology.

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