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Cape Girardeau urban deer hunting ordinance repealed

(Source: MGN Online/Zack Polack) (Source: MGN Online/Zack Polack)

A big issue on the Cape Girardeau ballots Tuesday was whether voters wanted to repeal the urban deer hunt.

Election results with 100% reporting are:

1279-No, 1485-Yes

So, that means there will be no deer hunting in the City of Cape Girardeau.

It was approved by the city council last year, but a referendum was passed, putting the ordinance up to a public vote.

A yes vote on the referendum meant you were in favor of repealing the ordinance.

A no vote meant you wanted to uphold the ordinance.

This issue has been argued and discussed before the city council for several months.

Over the past three months, the Missouri Department of Conservation counted the number of deer in the Cape Girardeau city limits by driving two separate courses at the same time.

They saw 136 deer per night or about 37 deer per square mile.

That's a number similar to other areas of the state where they have urban deer hunts. 

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