Online trends for Monday morning

(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

Monday may be a dreary day, but the web is alive with some interesting stuff today and here's a look at a couple of the top stories.

MSN Now has a list of the top 10 with the worst drivers.

Some of the cars may not be so shocking like BMW, known for being quick and sporty cars.

But one that you may not suspect was number 9 on the list...minivans!

Topping the charts, is the Lexus R-X.

The list is said to not be based on any scientific findings, but were based on votes tallied by fellow drivers.

Get the full list here.

Of course with today being the first day of April, a hot topic online is April Fool's Day!

Pretty much every website has some sort of video, article or blog on April Fool's Day jokes, tricks or pranks.

A video from YouTube has some great "around the house" pranks that will really tick off your family and friends without costing you a lot of money or effort.

Be careful out there today, though, this video has over 1.6 million hits so far so there's a chance your friends may have already seen these and have you in mind as a target!

Click here to see the full video.

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