Friday morning online trends

Man tries to rob a California deli.
Man tries to rob a California deli.

(KFVS) - There's lots of great stuff floating around the web Friday morning and here's a look at a couple of big trends.

This one is getting lots of talk in the tech world:

Several different sites are reporting that Apple has filed a patent for a new smartphone.

Since Apple seems to have a new idea every week, this isn't big news, right?

Not necessarily. This phone would have a wraparound screen that would go all the way around the phone.

All we have at this point are some sketches on the device, but it looks pretty cool.

Click here to see pictures of the phone's layout.

If you're looking for a laugh this morning, I picked this one out especially for you.

CNN has footage of a man in Redding, California attempting to rob a deli.

The man throws a rock at the glass, gets spooked and then things turn sour.

Play the video above to check out the funny footage.

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