Family moving two log cabins in Cape Girardeau County

Contractor Armando Perez
Contractor Armando Perez
Tricia LaFoe, owner
Tricia LaFoe, owner

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A local family decides to move some Cape Girardeau history-literally.

Tricia LaFoe says she heard about two cabins from the 1800s that were going to be torn down.

When she saw them, LaFoe says she decided she wanted to move them to her property.

They were part of a dairy farm that many people in the area used to visit.

So she hired a local man to help move the two cabins and then combine them to create one house.

"So when you put them together you gotta figure out which log goes where and you don't got no plan, no drawings, no measurements," said Contractor Armando Perez. "So you just put it together as you go."

"Well actually it was two homes, two separate homes," said Tricia LaFoe, owner. "Whole families would live in these homes. August and his wife had 10 children and many of them were born in these log homes."

LaFoe says she and her husband would like to live in the cabin once it's complete.

The project should be finished sometime next month.

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