Thursday morning online trends

(KFVS) - The Internet is buzzing this Thursday morning with some interesting stories. Here's a couple you'll want to know about.

MSN Now picked up a story about a man who was so into the hamburger he was eating that he ran onto a set of railroad tracks and was almost hit by a train! Officials in Salem, Oregon say the man was eating his burger in his van and wasn't paying attention.

He drove up on the tracks and was barely able to escape.

His van wasn't so lucky though. Check out the picture of his van after the wreck here.

Causing quite a stir on Yahoo News is the stalled renewal of the extremely popular TV show, Duck Dynasty.

According to reports, the cast is looking for a pay increase which is causing a standoff between the network and the stars of the show.

Sources are saying the show's members are looking to get $200,00 an episode.

This story has been shared thousands of times and hundreds of people are tweeting it out from Yahoo, which isn't surprising given how hot this show is right now.

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