Crews rescue two boaters stuck on Black River

BUTLER COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A day of fishing turned into a scary situation for two fishermen.

According to Trooper Clark Parrott with the Missouri Highway Patrol, the two were fishing on the Black River Tuesday when their boat got stuck.

They started yelling for help and Trooper Parrott says someone in a nearby house heard the men yelling and called emergency crews.

Rescue crews were able to get the men out of the boat and to dry land but the boat was still stuck in the river.

Tom Armes says he and his son hopped in the boat after he heard his neighbor screaming and pointing to the river.

"When I first saw them, I thought, what are they doing in the water? It was like watching something on T. V. I was so lost I didn't know what to do," said B. J. Barrows, who spotted the anglers.

The Armes couldn't believe it when they saw the two men holding on to this boat for their life

"I thought they we're standing on the water, they was standing on the boat," said Tommy Armes.

"It happened extremely fast," said Dallas Rich, one of the anglers. "One minute I was up on the boat, the next upside down."

Dallas Rich and his uncle, Tom Brozek, say their boat snagged a branch and the current took over. They held on to each other and the boat with all they had.

"We climbed up on top of it (boat) and floated down the river a ways," said Tommy.

"It was extremely cold," said Dallas Rich.

They'd been in the water about 45-minutes when their luck changed and the Armes appeared.

The anglers feel there's almost no doubt that the Armes saved their life.

"Thank the Lord for Tom, and his son Tom, Jr. for coming and getting us," said Tom Brozek.

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