Tuesday morning online trends

The Internet is buzzing with some great stories and here's a preview of what's hot Tuesday morning.

This one's all over the web on several different places:

Last year one of the final scripts for the TV series, Breaking Bad, was stolen out of one of the lead character's car. Sources are saying Tuesday morning that the man who allegedly stole the script has been found and is in custody, but they've yet to find the script.

USA Today has this video which gives a rundown of the top eight things you should never do at a hotel. Many of them are obvious, like don't use the remote without de-germing it first or don't leave valuables lying around.

But one you may not have considered is to not even go near the mini-bar. Experts warn even just touching it could trigger the sensor on an item and it could cost you.

Click here for the full list.

MSN Now reports that a man was spreading mulch at his house when he noticed something strange, but seriously adorable in his mulch bag....a baby squirrel! The tiny critter found a permanent home with the man who decided to keep the squirrel as his pet.

Check out the adorable picture here.

Usually when we hear about great shots in hockey, they happen on the ice. But for the coach of the Boston Bruins, that isn't always the case.

He tossed his ear piece behind him during a game and it landed in a fan's drink! Check out the video footage in the player above.

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