10 year's since start of Iraq War, Board meets about Perryville Chief, Teen flips middle finger to courtroom

Perryville Chief of Police Keith Tarrillion turned in his resignation last week.
Perryville Chief of Police Keith Tarrillion turned in his resignation last week.
TJ Lane in court (Source: WOIO)
TJ Lane in court (Source: WOIO)
President Barack Obama is saluting U.S. troops for their conduct during the war in Iraq, declaring on the 10th anniversary of the start of the war.
A mortar shell explosion has killed seven Marines and injured a half-dozen more during a training exercise in Nevada's high desert.
Holly Brantley is reporting the Caruthersville unemployment office is closing due to the sequester and budget cuts. She'll have the latest tonight at 6.
An Ohio teen came to court wearing a white t-shirt with the word 'KILLER' written with black magic marker. He then flipped his middle finger to the packed courtroom.
According to Lilbourn Police Chief Dennis Young, crews are removing the thirteenth rail car on Tuesday from a Union Pacific train derailment that happened in Lilbourn in late February.
Perryville's Board of Alderman meet tonight and will decide whether or not to accept the chief of police's resignation. Christy Millweard will be in Perryville with the latest.
A missing central Missouri woman and her young daughter are safe, and the woman is in custody for allegedly fabricating their abduction.
Bob Reeves says tonight will be mostly cloudy with a few light rain or snow showers possible-with no snow accumulation expected. Tomorrow? Mostly sunny but cool.
The White House says the popular Easter Egg roll on the grounds of the presidential mansion is still expected to proceed as planned on April 1.
Pope Francis on Thursday joined the cardinals who elected him to celebrate his first Mass as pontiff.
Walmart has been ranked the worst company for customer service in a recent study. Todd Tumminia talked to a local business about what it takes to win customers over.
The U.S. Department of Labor says a nearly $2.2 million grant has been awarded to help 400 workers in Missouri affected by Hostess layoffs.
Kentucky transportation officials say the new U.S. 60 Tennessee River Bridge will likely be ready for traffic in mid-summer.
For the latest information on the NCAA tournament, visit our Men's NCAA Basketball - countdown to tip off page.
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