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YourTurn - 3/16/13

The gun debate continues as Robin Venters from Kennett adds his voice to YourTurn this week. He writes:

I saw the piece on the cupcakes with army men on them that were taken because they had guns on them. I just wanted to speak my opinion on this.

America has had guns to defend her since she was born; Columbus, pioneers, western days, all the wars, not to mention our police, ATF, FBI, etc. We are now trying to set in the minds of our children that guns are bad. All this because one person used a gun to kill many children just to get on the news. Our own government leaders have sided with news coverage to stop the gun violence by getting all these guns away from the voters. Well we can now see what has been created by doing all this talking getting out of control. They have created the largest run on sale of guns and ammo ever in the U.S. because the voters are believing they will lose their right to bear arms.

Where does this stop? When will the leaders of this movement get straightened out to the fact that even if they were to be successful to take all guns from the public it would not stop the person from killing, they would just find another way to kill. I have seen many laws made against the voters in reference to guns. It always made me wonder why they do not stop to think that when a person makes up their mind to kill they have decided to commit murder, they will not even think of worrying about breaking any gun law to do so.

This country has had killings from birth and will continue to have them. We sometimes try to fix something without thinking it through. If they cannot get a gun they just might learn how to make an explosive which would probably kill many more. Stop the runaway on gun control which is only going to stop the law abiding voter, not the person who started all this.

I do not want to depend on someone else to defend myself or family I will keep my guns. I firmly believe that calling 911 could more than likely cost my life and the lives of my family. That person in my home with a gun probably will not wait for them to get there to stop him.

That's Robin's opinion. What's yours?

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