Mom 'shames' her children, school doesn't approve

(KFVS) - A Colorado mother's form of punishment for her children has been stirring up some controversy.

The mother sent her son and daughter to school with t-shirts that said things like "I steal" and "I am disrespectful" as a way to discipline them.

The school her children attend didn't appear to be happy with her punishment, however.

According to the mother, the school made her kids cover up the punishment shirts.

She says the shirts were not against the school dress code and the school is interfering with her right as a parent to punish her kids.

This style of discipline falls in with the new trend of "shaming" that some parents are utilizing to punish their children for misbehaving.

Other examples of "shaming" include making children wear signs in public that state what it was they did wrong.

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