Video gambling begins to turn up in Illinois bars

HERRIN, IL (KFVS) - Business owners across the state of Illinois are betting on video gaming machines in their bars and clubs.

These video gambling machines have not been legal long, so it's too early to tell how much the machines are bringing in-but we do know that hundreds of business owners are on board with the idea and are excited about what these games could do.

"There are those that love to gamble who don't want to drive an hour away," says Lori Sizemore, a bartender at Teddy's Sports Bar and Grill in Herrin.

Before, the lights and sounds of video gambling machines could only be found in places like casinos.

Now they'll be showing up in places just like Teddy's.

Owner, Bill Sizemore hopes the new additions will draw in a new and bigger crowd and in turn, generate more revenue for his business.

"Get some people in here other than just for the machines," says Bill. "I'm hoping all four of these machines go all day long."

He and his customers have been waiting weeks to try out the new games, Thursday they got that chance.

Bars across the state will get 35-percent of the machines earnings, another 35-percent will go to vendors; the state will see 25-percent.

The remaining 5-percent will go to the county.

"Everything you get a casino, hopefully you get here too," says Lori.

"They can come here, they can eat and play the machines and be close to home, I think that all benefits people," says Bill.

A maximum number of five  games are allowed in each bar.

Owners are not responsible for the for gamers who use them.

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