Motorcycle helmet use, I-Team Investigates: Medicaid, 1 dead in crash

A motorcycle helmet "holiday" in Missouri?
A motorcycle helmet "holiday" in Missouri?
I-Team Investigates: Medicare costs
I-Team Investigates: Medicare costs
One person died in a Perry County crash this afternoon (Source: Tommy Dawson)
One person died in a Perry County crash this afternoon (Source: Tommy Dawson)

Lawmakers are considering giving motorcyclist in the state a "Helmet Holiday." Tyler Profilet has the details on this controversial topic tonight at five.

Individuals and families across Missouri are living below the poverty level just to qualify for Medicaid. How do low-income families afford it?  Kathy Sweeney has this new  I-Team Investigation tonight at

Perry County Missouri Sheriff Gary Schaaf says one person is dead after a crash Thursday afternoon.

Bob Reeves says there's a good chance of a few passing showers this afternoon most likely east of the Mississippi River in southern Illinois and west Kentucky but possible in other areas too.

The Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center announced Thursday that a skunk in the northwest part of Cape Girardeau County has tested positive for rabies.

Sheriff Mark Dobbs says he is seeking escape from confinement charges on all three inmates who escaped from jail in Butler County on Monday. He is also seeking felony property damage on all three inmates.

Two men were put behind bars following a 99-mile Memphis to Missouri police chase.

Hazmat crews were called to the scene of a fuel spill at the Love's Travel Stop in Ina, Ill.

A Senate committee approved an assault weapons ban Thursday. Sen. Feinstein's bill would ban semi-automatic weapons - guns that fire one round and automatically reload.

One southern Illinois business owner tells Allison Twaits people can't get enough of playing slot machines and it's a boom to business.

A Van Buren daycare owner is accused of abusing one of the children at her daycare.

The new pope has daunting challenges ahead ranging from the church sex abuse scandal to reinvigorating the flock. And the 76-year-old Francis will have to do it all with just one whole lung.

Lawmakers have introduced legislation Thursday that they say will keep commercial traffic moving on the Mississippi River during droughts and flood.

And, Todd Richards says Josh Frydman will have scores and highlights from Columbia of the Dexter girls and Sikeston boys basketball teams-and Todd has more about Marshall County, Ky. who plays tonight in Bowling Green.

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