Perryville police chief resigns

Keith Tarrillion
Keith Tarrillion

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Perryville Police Chief Keith Tarrillion turned in his resignation on Wednesday.

It all stems over a recent complaint filed within the police department, alleging misconduct.

According to Perryville City Attorney Thomas Ludwig, a resignation agreement has been reached.

The resignation will be presented to the Board of Alderman next week.

According to Ludwig, the investigation was based on police report that was filed in November of 2010. The city brought in a retired Special Agent United States Secret Service for the investigation.

It was a report on Tarrillion's personal property.

Ludwig said it was filed under another officer's name who didn't write the report.

The police report purported to outline an investigation into the vandalism of a small table and hot tub at the police chief's home.

The City of Perryville's personnel record show the officer was not working on the date he was alleged to have made the police report.

After the police report, the police chief was paid $5,699.74 by his insurance company for the alleged property damage.

The city plans to turn over the findings of the investigation to the appropriate agency fro potential criminal investigation.

According to Tarrillion's attorney, Trae Bertrand, Tarrillion maintains that what he did was not uncommon, and that it was simply a report that wasn't properly prepared.

"My client provided the narrative portion of the report, which in itself is not illegal, but it could be considered improper," Bertrand said.  "It's not uncommon for officers to do this, but my client does take full responsibility for what he did."

Tarrillion has served at Perryville's elected police chief since 2002.

Ludwig says the mayor is responsible for appointing and interim chief until the next municipal election in April 2014.

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