Organization holds prayer rally by Shawnee Correctional Center

VIENNA, IL (KFVS) - My Brother's Keeper, an organization that started after the closure of the Tamms Prison, held a prayer rally Saturday by the Shawnee Correctional Center near Vienna, Illinois.

Several members sang songs, shared their stories and prayed in front of dozens of people.

They are trying to educate the public on the recent issues within IDOC facilities, that they say have caused injuries to both staff and inmates.

The organization says the prison closures caused overcrowding at other facilities, and in turn escalated incidents at these facilities.

My Brother's Keeper members hope the facility in Tamms will be considered for reopening, and reduce overcrowding.

Members of My Brother's Keeper have family that work in IDOC facilities and are worried about their safety.

This is the second prayer rally they have held and plan to have more in the future.

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