Scott City Man Provides Must-Have Service for Realtors on the Web

This is the story of a man with a digital camera, a computer, and a great idea. and it's what he did with that idea that makes the story interesting.  Bruce Slinkard of Scott City says he and his wife stumbled onto that great idea one day, while they were home shopping and doing what a lot of people do -- taking pictures of the possibilities. "It was my wife's idea....she said, we were looking for houses, and I took some pictures of it, and she was showing them to her girlfriends, and she says, wouldn't it have been nice if we could have seen these pictures before they drug us all over town lookin' at this, and I thought, you know, I think I can do this.   She planted the seed, and I ran with it," says Bruce Slinkard, the owner/webmaster for  And run he his web site is a tool for virtually every realtor in town.  "I'm like a personal assistant to about 115 real estage agents in Cape Girardeau," says Slinkard.

karen mogelnicki:  "what it is, is it's a service for the buyer, as well as the seller, i mean, very few times that you come across something like that that it's a slam-dunk for everybody, and that's wht it's for the buyer, for the seller, and for the realtor.."

bruce puts inside and outside pictures of houses for sale on his web site at a nominal fee to realtors...he puts them on his website for all to see with cross-referenced, indexed, searchable information about the house, the seller, and the agent.

Stand-up:  this house may be the best example of bruce's work, yet.   One afternoon last week he came, took pictures of the place, posted 'em on his website that evening, and by the next day, the realtor had a qualified buyer.

Moglenicki:  "right, right, they saw it on the website, and uh, they liked what they saw, as far as the interior pictures, and uh, they set an appointment for the next day..."

...just the latest in a string of successes...but for bruce, it's mostly fun...from the field work -- taking pictures -- to the constant updating of the website, is a labor of love.

Bruce:  "i think localized web sites is gonna be the up and comin' thing.   I think national sites are gonna fall by the wayside, and this is gonna be the way it's gonna go...and it's workin' real well for me.."
apparently it's workin' better than the 28 years he spent on the railroad....and by the way, it's a family affair.   Bruce says his son can fix anything he messes up.