Problem Gambling Awareness Week

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Communities nationwide are working to raise awareness of the consequences of problem gambling.

It's all part of gambling awareness week.

Williamson County State's Attorney, Chuck Garnati says he sees the effects gambling with cases he deals with- and knows the importance of recognizing the signs that someone might have a gambling addiction.

Some of those signs include:

• Preoccupied with gaming and unable to stop.

• Bragging about gabling, exaggerating wins, and minimizing losses.

• Restless and irritable when not gambling.

• Gambling to escape.

• Borrowing money for gambling.

• Ying to hide time spent gambling unpaid debts.

• Frequent unexplained absences.

• Losing work time because of gambling.

• Doing something illegal to get money for gambling.

• Jeopardizing a significant relationship or job by gambling.

"In the future I see only the expansion of gambling. I don't see where access to gambling is going to get any less. I see the access to gambling getting easier and easier," says Garnati.

Garnati says governor Pat Quinn is considering five more gambling boats in the near future.

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