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3/11/13 - Shame On Government

As you are well aware by now, automatic cuts in the federal budget-known as sequestration-went into effect last week. According to a Washington Post poll, Americans favor cutting federal spending by about 2 to 1. However another poll shows 46% of Americans believe the sequester cuts are bad for the country.

I think most folks can agree that our government is not being run properly, as many would say…certainly not like a professional business. Successful businesses make surgical strategic cuts with a scalpel. The folks we have sent to Washington seem to prefer a chain saw. It is sad to hear some say that these automatic cuts were good because it was the only way we could reduce the government's run-away spending. It was NOT the only way, it was the only way chosen.

Our elected officials could have chosen to act like adults and sit down together and solve this problem. Instead we are stuck with a "line in the sand" situation where we are left hoping there is no negative impact on jobs, military, or our kid's education. If the sequester is not ended soon-and there are no signs that it will be, in the near term at least-we'll see whether the public moves heavily toward the "it's bad" or "it's good" side of the debate.

We are Americans first. We are Americans before we are Republicans or Democrats. Politicians are wasting our time playing this blame game. We frankly don't care who started it, or how their vote affects their re-election plans. If they want to get re-elected, they should do the job we sent them there to do.

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