YourTurn - 3/8/13

This week on YourTurn we hear from Linda in Cape Girardeau. She writes: 

"As near as I can determine, this is a "selective" sequestration. The people who should getting their pay cut are our Congressmen and women. The underlings of this world are not guaranteed their pay, so why should Congress.

At this time, we need police, firemen, and soldiers much more than we need them. They aren't earning what we are paying them and most of them are being OVERPAID, in my opinion.

They are NOT GODS, they are elected officials just like a mayor, sheriff, etc, PUBLIC SERVANTS. If the budget requires cutting pay, then theirs should be in the cross hairs too. They have put themselves on a pedestal and I for one am ready to knock them off so they can see and remember what it's like to be down with the common folk.

I, like many others, are so disappointed and disgusted with the whole Washington mentality. They have totally forgotten what they are there to do." 

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