What does Dow Jones record high mean for you?

With all of these record numbers flying around, many of you may be wondering, what does that mean for you?

"This is good news, there's no doubt about it," Derieck Hodges, a financial advisor in Cape Girardeau, said. "It's very good news."

Dr. Benjamin Dow is a finance professor at Southeast Missouri State University.

"Historically it's been around for some long, people like to use it even though it has some unique flaws," Dow said.

He says you have make sure you understand what the Dow Jones represents before celebrating too much.

"It represents around 25 percent of the total amount invested in us stocks," Dow said. "So it has some relevance to it."

Dow says simply put, this good news could lead to more.

"Essentially when you have a rising stock market, basically telling you that the companies that make up the us economy are expected to do better in the future," Dow said.

"Always a good sign," Hodges said. "But, we can't take our eyes off the road and the big thing is we never want to be over concentrated in one area."

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