Does it Work Wednesday: Tervis Tumbler and Ice Cream Magic

Does it Work? Ice Cream Magic, Tervis Tumblers

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Teacher Linda Engelmann has her coffee mug and a jug of ice water going throughout the day, as she teaches fifth and sixth graders at Altenburg public school.

With the new Tervis Tumbler, she could drink both hot and cold liquids with no worries of the cups dripping water beads all over her desk.

"This is a more manageable size than this one."

This tumbler promises no condensation and long-lasting cold or heat.

We'll let it sit while we also test this cup for kids: Ice Cream Magic is a fun-shaped personal ice cream maker that promises to churn out the cold stuff in as little as three minutes!

After we toss in all the ingredients and the students take turns shaking the cup, it's taste test time.

Luke Moore, and the rest of his classmates, say they would get a kick out of making their own ice cream like this.

"Well, it tastes a little creamy, but it's good."

Still, Mrs. Engelmann thinks over time this ice cream will lose its flavor.

"After the novelty wore off, I don't know if it'd be widely used. It seems like a lot of trouble."

It's also expensive for only churning out one small scoop at a time: $10 for the maker and about $20 for all the ingredients. Plus, how long you shake this determines whether it's too chunky or more like a milkshake.

"I'd have to give it a B minus."

However, the Tervis Tumbler licks this test. No condensation at all over the 30 minutes we've spent testing the ice cream maker. Mrs. Engelmann also used the tumbler over several days and said her drinks would be cool for the better part of her work day!

"I would give it an 'A'

We'll drink to that! The $11 hot and cold Tervis Tumbler washes down an excellent grade 'A' on this Does it Work test.

Lauren bought the Tervis at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Carbondale. She bought Ice Cream Magic at Walmart in Cape Girardeau.

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