Senate proposal would restrict Mo. welfare benefit usage

MISSOURI (KFVS) - A proposal made Monday by two Missouri state senators would bar welfare recipients from using benefits for various recreational activities.

"We are not trying to take this away from anyone that needs it," Senator Will Kraus said. "We are just trying to say that if you are misusing or abusing the program that we are trying to stop that."

The recipients would be barred from using benefits for alcohol, gambling, adult entertainment, sporting events, lottery tickets, amusement parks, zoos or museums.

"People offer to sell me their stamps in order to get cigarettes and stuff," Laura Holloway, who receives government assistance, said. "You need to use that for food."

Holloway says that money feeds her family and is very important.

"Later in the week, they are asking me for food," Holloway said. "I'm like you shouldn't have used your stamps on other stuff."

The proposal also outlined that repeated misuse of welfare money would result in a felony charge and prison sentence.

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